What’s in a Name?

The first step to any brand is its name.  The name is the “face”, the first introduction to a brand’s audience, and along with a logo, provides the marketing platform for the brand to take off.  When our Founding Partner, Kat, established Creative Cloudworks., she knew that our name had to be something that not only spoke to our services, but who we are as an agency.

So there she was…sitting at a café in Silicon Valley in 2010 with a notebook in-hand.  She spent years being an IT Director for a non-profit healthcare organization and although she loved the IT world, she knew that she also had to follow her passion for the visual arts (graphic design, web design, and photography), so her thought was, “Why not meld the two?”

She knew that the word, “creative”, had to be a part of the name as the agency would not only solve design problems and help businesses build their brand, but that it would be done in an innovative, artistic way, tailored to the needs of each client.

Since the business was going to be a digital media agency, there had to be a word that encompasses digital services.  She immediately came up with “cloud” as it represents the “digital world” (a widely-used term that wasn’t so widely used in 2010).

Then came the last word, “works”.  This word would not only represent the “products” the agency will put out, but that the products will work, and work well.

And there it was – “Creative Cloudworks.” written on her notebook.

Six months later, Kat attended Adobe’s 2011 Annual MAX Conference where she learned that Adobe was rolling out a new service called, “Adobe Creative Cloud”.  Of course, you can imagine her surprise (and somewhat horror) that the name of Adobe’s new service was so similar to her agency’s name.  She didn’t sweat it though – if anything, that reaffirmed she chose the “right” name given that Adobe thought of it too!

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